Talking Points and FAQs: New COVID-19 Guidance for Schools (English, Spanish)

Talking Points and FAQs: New COVID-19 Guidance for Schools (English, Spanish)

Date posted: August 23, 2022
Last reviewed: November 11, 2022

The Public Good Projects in collaboration with the Hispanic Communications Network

Talking points and FAQs share CDC's updated COVID-19 guidance for schools, which includes relaxing measures for routine testing, quarantining, and social distancing and shifting the focus to improving ventilation and implementing safety measures for high-risk situations. The talking points emphasize that the best way to keep kids safe from COVID-19 is to get them vaccinated, and notes the relatively low percentage of children ages 5-11 who have been fully vaccinated. The new guidance aims to minimize disruptions to kids' education by moving away from school-based protocols and shifting more of the responsibility to students and families to make their own decisions to protect themselves. There is also an FAQ section that covers similar topics. A related graphic is available here: Social Media: Graphic Recommends COVID-19 Vaccines to Keep Kids Safe at School (English, Spanish).


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