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Kim's Bakery
This video features Kimberly Hall, seven-time Food Network baking contender and owner of Signature Sweets Bakery in Shorewood, Wisconsin, talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and why she chose to get vaccinated. (Video produced by our social media partners Culture One World) 
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Gee's Clippers
This video features Gaulien “Gee” Smith, owner of the iconic Milwaukee barbershop Gee’s Clippers talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and why he chose to get vaccinated. (Video produced by our social media partners Culture One World)
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Community Immunity: A Rap Anthology About Vaccines
Community Immunity: A Rap Anthology About Vaccines is a COVID-19 public information campaign from Hip Hop Public Health. A suite of free resources aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccine coverage in communities of color, this animated rap anthology deconstructs vaccine literacy into in a series of seven animated videos featuring the voice of Grammy®-winning rapper and HHPH Advisory Board member Darryl DMC McDaniels of Run-DMC, along with award-winning producer Artie Green and singer-songwriter...
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Vaxx Scene
Who says vaccine education can't be creative? Spy Hop’s Apprenticeship students worked in partnership with the CDC Foundation, the Salt Lake County Health Department and Amplify Utah on the Vax2theMax 2.0 campaign. They created innovative  projects to educate and engage the youth audience, including a poster, a video game, and this humorous and informative PSA.  
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This captivating collection of original musical and dance performances was created by the Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artist Collective.  Story Stitchers' "Perception Isn’t Always Reality" campaign engaged teen and young adult artists from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to recognize their worthiness as individuals, and encourages these communities to reevaluate messages they may have received about COVID and vaccinations, while considering the sources of the information.   
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It Won't Be Me
Jared Rogerson performs his original song, “It Won’t Be Me,” affirming his decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. He created this song and video as a part of the Wyoming Arts Council's Vaccine Education effort, drawing inspiration for the lyrics from his own COVID-related struggles and losses. In sharing his song, Jared hopes listeners will be moved to consider getting  vaccinated themselves.  
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Vax2theMax 2.0
This animated music video features an original song created for the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in Queens, NY as part of the VaxxScene campaign, a project to promote health and the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19 as well as influenza in the BIPOC community of Southeast Queens.  
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Join the Team
Join the Team; a creative fun short about COVID-19 vaccines.  
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My Brother's Keeper
This powerful video from Mississippi-based nonprofit My Brother's Keeper features a family of five who all contracted the Delta variant in June 2021 talking about the importance of getting vaccinated.
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COVID-19 Immunity for Babies through Breastfeeding
In this powerful video we get a first-person perspective from a breastfeeding mother about her choice to get vaccinated and how vaccination allows her to provide even more protection for her baby.  (Video produced by our social media partners Culture One World)
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Viva La Fiesta
This video is a compilation of fun and memorable moments from the Viva La Fiesta health fair hosted in April 2022 by the Texas nonprofit BEAT AIDS. The event was an example of the BEAT AIDS approach of reaching their community through focused on-the-street outreach.
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A Mother's Love
This video from the Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition features Pilar Rodriguez, a popular radio host on the La Raza radio station in Goshen, Indiana. Rodriguez talks about her struggle to care for her children after she became severely ill from COVID-19 in 2020 and why she believes getting vaccinated is so important.
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Center for Independent Living of Broward County
The Center for Independent Living (CIL) of Broward County, Florida, hosted several COVID-19 and influenza vaccine clinics, providing American Sign Language and Spanish interpreters to help ensure that their clients received the correct information in their own language. This video shows an appreciative client getting her COVID-19 vaccination at one of CIL Broward’s inclusive clinics. 
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