Project Access Now

Too Determined to Fail

A man gives the thumbs up and shows off the bandaid on his arm where he received his vaccine

Project Access Now focuses on filling gaps in the health care system, ensuring underserved individuals in the Portland, Oregon metro area have access to health care and services. But succeeding at this work can be an uphill climb. After one of their vaccination events at a local community center resulted in a low turnout, their vaccine provider backed out 3 days before their next event. The staff at Project Access Now sprang into action and contacted their state partner, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), who stepped up and agreed to send a team of vaccinators to the next event. This second event was successful in informing and vaccinating previously hesitant people, proof that when working to effect change, creative thinking and determination can make all the difference. 

Two drive through lanes allow people to check in and blue volunteer tents

Three volunteers wearing bright green vests stand in front of a registration table


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