Access Health

Stocking a Community Pantry

An Access Health staff member stands next to a shed filled with community pantry items.

Access Health in Muskegon, MI knows that community health thrives when neighbors can help their own. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Access Health launched a Neighborhood Mini Pantry in the spring of 2022 to provide both food and health resources to the Muskegon metropolitan community.  The pantry is open 24/7, with access to food, hygiene and personal care products, COVID test kits and masks, as well as accurate medical information about flu and COVID vaccinations, and where to obtain them locally. Access Health strongly encourages community participation and locals can donate non-perishable food, health or home products to the bins next to the pantry. Access Health nurse Becky Burr applauds the multi-layered success of the Mini Pantry: “It was really important that we found a way to continue to provide accurate and up-to-date COVID information while being able to help community members get their needs met with dignity.” 

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