Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition, Inc.

Radio Host Survives COVID-19 and Broadcasts the Importance of Vaccines

Pilar Rodriguez

After Goshen, Indiana, resident and popular radio host Pilar Rodriguez recovered from a severe case of COVID-19, she could not let others miss the opportunity to be protected. She became a Unite Against COVID-19 influencer with the Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition (NIHHC) and shared her experience with listeners of her regional La Raza Radio program. Her story was heard over the radio across five counties, and also featured in television advertisements. NIHHC has provided more than 2,500 COVID-19 vaccinations since July 2021 through clinics providing convenient, bilingual, and culturally sensitive services. Community members like Pilar Rodriguez help make those opportunities possible, sending positive messages about the vaccine, supporting NIHHC’s outreach, and taking advantage of the opportunities themselves. “I think it’s very important to do it,” said Rodriguez, “for ourselves and our families.”

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