Gwinnett Coalition

A Quicker Connection to Healthcare

Webpage image of the Gwinnett Health Finder tool.

In response to a community need for more trusted healthcare resources, the Gwinnett Coalition in Lawrenceville, GA created a mobile app that connects the uninsured and underinsured to quality medical services, including adult, pediatric, and mental health care, as well as vaccine resources. Launched in January 2023, the GwinnettHealthFinder is a web-based, mobile friendly tool that allows users to quickly locate health providers by city, zip code or service category. Participating providers are non-profit hospitals, community health centers, or medical practices that accept the uninsured. The successful app is also a useful tool for Gwinnett’s Vaccine Equity Team to connect to local providers to share vaccine education resources. “Too many in our community are going without the care they need because they don’t know where to turn.” says Gwinnett Coalition President and CEO, Renée Byrd-Lewis, adding that the GwinnettHealthFinder app is one way to “advocate for our most vulnerable residents.”  

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