Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley

Mobile Vaccination Clinics Protect Hundreds From COVID-19

2 men and 2 women stand in front of a desk and smile

A small neighborhood-based nonprofit, the Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley (HCLV) in Pennsylvania has built strong relationships with the Latino/a/x community they serve, offering a broad range of services including a food pantry, senior center, social services program, and a Women Infants and Children (WIC) program. As a trusted resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, they supported their community by disseminating public health information through information sessions and comprehensive TV, radio, and print media campaigns in English and Spanish, while providing expanded housing assistance and food pantry services. Partnering with The Latino Connection, South Bethlehem Pharmacy, Star Community Health, St. Luke’s Hospital, and Reading Pharmacy, they also brought two dozen vaccination clinics directly to community parks, supermarkets and schools, vaccinating hundreds of people against COVID-19. With an expanded network of over 70 partners, HCLV looks forward to providing continued support in the coming months.