Coalition of African Communities (AFRICOM)

Local Partnerships Build Trust

Two adults stand outside a Philadelphia storefront

The Coalition of African Communities (AFRICOM) partnered with community and faith-based organizations, primarily in Southwest and Northeast Philadelphia to engage with community members in addressing vaccine hesitancy and misinformation relating to COVID-19. Through partnering with local and state health departments, AFRICOM coordinated the distribution of over 300 COVID-19 vaccinations and empowered immigrant community members in the Philadelphia area to make informed decisions when receiving their COVID vaccines and boosters. Through outreach efforts, distribution of rapid self-tests, encouraging mask-wearing, and PPE, AFRICOM successfully reached small business owners such as natural hair-braiders, salons, barbershops, stores, restaurants and markets, strengthening community trust and confidence. Through the Partnering for Vaccine Equity program, AFRICOM has broadened its capacity to provide vaccine resources to immigrant communities in Philadelphia.

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