Christ-Centered Ministries

Influential Messengers Improve Community Health in Inglewood

CCM members outside of a worship center

Christ-Centered Ministries (CCM) supports 240 revolving clients with interim housing, mental health stabilization, and substance use disorder support programs in Inglewood, California. During the pandemic, CCM equipped many of their clients to become influential messengers to spread awareness about COVID-19 and promote vaccine events among their peers. Between November 2021 and April 2022, CCM held four events, providing the COVID-19 and influenza vaccine as well as sharing general healthcare guidance. About 60% of the nearly 400 attendees across all events were CCM clients, and 270 individuals were vaccinated overall. “In our engagements and dialogue, we learned that in congregate settings and because of various mental health impairments, misinformation can impact the belief of safety and necessity of being tested and vaccinated,” said Jamesse Smith, CCM Programs Project Director. CCM is encouraged that their new, diverse influential messengers can now advocate among their communities and keep their environments safe from COVID-19 surges.

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