Centro Hispano de East Tennessee

Helping Local Families in East Tennessee

Four adults wearing masks and three young children pose and smile for a picture with their vaccine stickers

When local Tennessee resident Reyna and her family were severely impacted by Covid-19 in the early days of the pandemic, the 55-year-old Latina mom turned to Centro Hispano of East Tennessee. She and her family received health, housing, and food assistance. As Reyna became more involved in the Centro's programs, she also began to learn about their vaccine campaign. After learning that the vaccine was safe and effective and how to access it, Reyna and her family were vaccinated at Centro Hispano's free vaccine clinic co-hosted with the health department at a local Hispanic church. “They were so thankful as they were leaving the vaccine event that they wanted to be updated on the soonest available vaccine event … so they could attend together and receive their second dose!” recalled a staff member.

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